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You are ready to look for your DJ and MC in order to have a fun filled and memorable day. here are some questions you should ask potential DJ services.

1. How many years of experience do you have doing weddings?

2. May we meet (if too far of a distance) or have a phone conference?

When you meet or phone conference with your potential DJ ask these questions:

1. Can you give me a sample outline of how you run a reception?

(They should be able to verbally tell you how they will conduct the events of the day from the intros through to the last song of the night)

2. Will we be able to request songs and give you a list of the genres of Music we would like to hear?

3. Do you take requests from our guests?

4. Will we have a written contract?

6. Are you licensed with the county or state as a business?

5. Do you have liability Insurance? (important in case a guest may get hurt from their equipment)

7. Do you have a song list sheet to fill out for our event songs? (ie cake cutting, bouquet toss etc.)

8. Do you have any photos or video clips from any of your previous weddings?

9. How many hours do you need for set up?

10. What is your Deposit amount and is that part of the estimate or in addition to?

11. When will the remainder of the contract be due?

12. How many hours are included in the price and does that include the ceremony?

These are some basic questions that will help you determine if the DJ service is experienced and help you to know if they are a good fit for you.

Also check out their Facebook page or website and look for reviews. that really is a telltale.

some other things to know is that the DJ service counts on your involvement.

Make sure you print or type out clearly your information on the contract and song lists. When spelling out names be aware that sometimes it's best to write them out as the name sounds because some names are difficult to sound out if someone is not familiar with it.
You shouldn't have to keep contacting your DJ every month. They will communicate with you as they have questions.

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