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Soaked! But the Show Must Go On!

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

It happened about 3 years ago. I was providing DJ Service for an outside wedding. The client said I would have cover but there really wasn't any. The ceremony was beautiful. The reception started and in a short time you could see in the distance, rain. The couple and guests ran into a 20 by 20 structure with a roof and screen. I ran for my tarp, covered my sound system and ran inside the structure. The bride was depressed, sitting at the only table in there. Her mother was trying to cheer her up. I remembered I had a small 150 watt system in the van. I ran out into the rain again, grabbed some large trash bags and wrapped the portable system. I ran back towards the tarp covered system grabbed my computer, took off my dripping wet dress shirt and continued in my wet t-shirt. I got everything set up and the party was rolling. The Bride's frown became upside down.

I had $345 worth of damage to my speaker but a week later the bride gave me a fantastic review. To this day it's still the most satisfying memory.

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